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  • Two to three day clinics available with Laurie at your facility.
  • Clinics and lessons in Atascadero, CA, every Wednesday.
  • Many different breeds of Herding Dogs welcome.
  • Clinics available both on and off the ranch.
  • Beginner and advanced dogs welcome.
  • Give your pup or advanced dog a job.  Channel his energy and focus on his working instincts.
  • "Unleash the beast" as well as satisfying the mind, body and spirit of you and your dog.

For More info call Laurie 805-440-5806

Laurie's Philosophy

The important essentials in beginning work   with a stock dog are; dog broke sheep and cattle, dog proof pens, training tools, fenced in field, consistent commands, correct voice tone, and proper position and control.

Laurie starts by bringing out the natural instincts of the dog.  After that is developed she then applies training pressure according to each individual dog or pup.  Focusing on the mental aspects of the dogs mind instead of physical force.

To help owners learn how to work with their dog's natural instincts and work as a team.
Stockdog Clinics
Working Stockdogs For The Rancher's Choice
Deerwood Kelpies
Kristin is working with her Border Collie at a clinic with Laurie close by giving instruction
Laurie training a Belgian Sheepdog on sheep at a clinic in 2009.
Laurie training an Australian Shepard on sheep at a clinic in 2009.
Client and his Welsh Corgi receiving lessons on herding sheep at a clinic from Laurie in 2009.