Deerwood Kelpies ~ Rafter Lazy J ~ Laurie Batson copyright@2009 ~ 805-463-2487

  • The ranch offers dog broke sheep and cattle.

  • Training available for different breeds of stock dogs.

  • We have facilities at the Lazy J Stockdog Camp for overnight or weekend camping for you and your dog partners.

  • We offer pastures, pens, and an arena for you and your working dogs and horses.

  • Whether you train on foot or horseback come and join us here at the Rafter Lazy J Stockdog Camp.  We have a great time working dogs or horses and learn and laugh with Laurie and friends.

  • Contact Laurie at or call for info/reservations at 805-463-2487
Laurie training a client's dog, first time on cattle
Our working cow ranch is a paradise where herding dogs come to work, play and hang out.
Rafter Lazy J Stockdog Camp
Tia, a Border Collie, on cattle.
Tia is a customer's dog who Laurie has been training for a year.
Working Stockdogs For The Rancher's Choice
Deerwood Kelpies